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Image by Karsten Würth

Renewable Energy

TPDS is committed to green energy solutions and environmental responsibility. Our machines effectively harness wind, biomass, water, solar & waste to generate renewable energy. 


TDPS is dedicated to offering sustainable solutions for hydropower that protect the world's most valuable resource. Our hydro turbine generators are designed as per customer requirements, ensuring high reliability and performance. 

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Our manufacturing facilities for wind turbine generators are able to deliver high-quality products with high operational efficiency. Our highly sophisticated test set-up is capable of carrying out load tests that ensure 100% reliability on-site.


Our steam and gas turbine generators are used for base load applications in cogeneration biomass power plants. Biomass is utilized in small-scale power generation systems to meet the energy needs of specific communities.

Geothermal Energy

Generators supplied for geothermal applications are specifically designed for outdoor installations. To ensure compatibility in hazardous working conditions where hydrogen sulfide is high, the machines are equipped with purging systems that promote optimal performance and safety.

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Heat Recovery

Our steam turbines can be designed with heat recovery systems that capture and utilize thermal energy that has historically been wasted.  These systems reduce the carbon footprint of power plants and contribute to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

Waste To Energy

In accordance with our continued efforts towards sustainability, our turbo generators are designed to run on energy derived from municipal solid waste including bagasse, biogas, syngas, and biofuel.

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