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We manufacture synchronous and induction motors designed to suit various industrial & irrigation applications - delivering high performance with greater reliability and efficiency.

Our traction motors power complex propulsion systems that drive freight locomotives and passenger transit vehicles.

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Induction Motors

Our induction motors are constructed with both squirrel-age and slip-ring rotors, and are designed to work under hazardous conditions with a high starting torque. 


TDPS designs both horizontal and vertical mounting motors up to 20MW that are reliable, robust, long-lasting, and have low operating costs that suit a wide range of topographical conditions.

Traction Motors

TDPS provides traction motors up to 1250 KW for locomotives and EMU (Electric Multiple Unit) applications. We also custom-build motors for various other applications as per customer requirements.


Each motor is tailor-made to suit the operating conditions of each vehicle that it powers; enabling superior efficiency, low energy consumption and high reliability.

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Synchronous Motors

TDPS engineers synchronous motors up to 50 MW with designs optimized to suit customer requirements.


Our machines are carefully and precisely framed to withstand any stresses and load fluctuations that might occur. 

tdps is worldwide


104 Countries

6 Continents

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