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TDPS fosters a work environment with a passion for excellence & team building.

The expertise of our employees, ranging from skilled hands on the shop floor to the knowledge and leadership of department heads, is integral to our commitment to product superiority. Our dedicated team is the powerful driving force behind our success.

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Employee Feedback

Vani M, Human Resources

"Working at TDPS has been an incredible journey. The company fosters an excellent work environment that enables us to learn new skills and enhance our knowledge." 

Pooja S Kulal, Mechanical Design 

"TDPS was undoubtedly a great platform to start my professional career. There's no lack of opportunities to learn and evolve here." 

Kiran C, Production 

"I take pride in knowing that my company is illuminating all corners of the globe."

Our Values

Creativity & Innovation

Personal Development

Equal Opportunity

tdps is generating empowerment

Our team is trained to continually enhance their skills, adapt to evolving technical processes, and provide customized solutions to meet product requirements. Our employees feel valued, and their contributions are acknowledged and celebrated. 

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