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Laser Cut Steel


Customized solutions for the steel industry

Our steam turbine generators drive the various operating demands of steel power plants, with an emphasis on high efficiency & low maintenance costs.


Machines are designed as per customer specifications based on the loading requirements of your steel power plant. We also prioritize sourcing the highest quality raw materials to provide highly efficient, compact solutions that power the steel industry.

Shop floor
High-speed balancing set up

High Power Capacity

TDPS generators range from 1MW to 200MW, and are engineered to provide the substantial power required for the energy-intensive processes involved in steel production.

Round-The-Clock Reliability

Our generators are designed for continuous operation to ensure a constant power supply, minimizing the risk of production interruptions.


Our steam turbine generators are designed for optimal energy conversion to ensure efficient power generation and reduce operational costs for steel power plants.


TDPS generators are engineered based on customer specifications to meet the power requirements of different stages in the steel manufacturing process.

Heat Recovery

Our generators in steel power plants production facilities can be designed with heat recovery systems to capture and utilize waste heat for processes like distillation or evaporation, reducing environmental impact and enhancing energy efficiency.

Safety Standards

Our steam turbines that power steel plants are meticulously designed and tested against international safety standards.


2 units of this 30.3 MW, 6.3 KV, 1500 RPM machine was supplied to a steel manufacturing plant located in Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany 

Eisenhüttenstad - Steel _edited.jpg

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