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Sail Boats


TDPS produces customized solutions for the marine market

Our marine generators are designed to deliver top-tier reliability, performance, and ease of maintenance. We manufacture diesel engine generators up to 200MW that are engineered to withstand rigorous conditions within the harsh marine environment and stand the test of time. The expertise and skill of our workforce serve as the ultimate guarantee of quality. Our marine generators are certified by Lloyd's Register & IRS.

Global vacuum pressure impregnation facility
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Our generators are designed with corrosion-resistant materials and protective coatings that ensure durability and longevity both on-shore and off-shore to avoid deterioration from saltwater, high humidity and the corrosive effects of the sea. Machines designed for the marine environment are IP55 and IP65 compliant to with stainless steel auxiliary terminal boxes & cable glands for UV-resistant liquid tight conduits.

Compact Design

Our marine generators are typically compact to optimize space utilization on vessels where space is limited, without compromising power output.

Hazardous Classifications

  1. Zone/Division – Zone 2 / Division-2

  2. Gas group – IIC, IIB, IIA, GroupB, GroupC & GroupD

  3. Temperature Class – T4, T3, T2 & T1

  4. Protection concept – Ex e & Ex p

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is paramount for marine generators, as extended periods at sea may require a considerable fuel supply. These generators are designed to optimize fuel consumption while providing a consistent power supply.


Our marine generators are designed with a machine-mounted hydraulic rotor jacking system to facilitate prolonged slow roll rotation. This allows controlled and steady rotation of the rotor.


TDPS generators are highly reliable, as they are often the primary source of electrical power for essential systems such as navigation, communication, and safety equipment. To ensure reliability, marine generators are built with robust components and undergo rigorous testing.

Remote Monitoring & Control

Our marine generators are engineered with a GDS (Ground Detection System) for rotor earth fault detection and an Online PD (Partial Discharge) monitoring system.


Diesel engine generators designed for maritime operation are manufactured according to customer specifications & requirements.

Indian Navy

TDPS has provided the Indian Navy with 6 units of 2.5MVA generators and 4 units of 3.75MVA generators, all rated at 1000 RPM. 


These generators are installed in a Diving Support Vessel constructed by Hindustan Shipyard Vizag.

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