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world-class facilities are located in Bangalore, India & Istanbul, Turkey

Headquartered in Bangalore with additional factories in Istanbul, our cutting-edge facilities combine robotics and craftsmanship to ensure maximum efficiency and the highest product quality.

In-House Manufacturing

Our stators & rotors are manufactured in-house. We prioritize sourcing the highest quality raw materials and ensuring high reliability in meeting delivery timelines throughout the supply chain. We do not rely on standardized solutions and instead remain flexible towards our customers' specific requirements. 

Our manufacturing process is highly detail-oriented, using advanced machinery and skilled manpower to ensure uniformity and excellence across all end products.


Automation & Robotics

Our range of process equipment includes varnishing lines, robotic stator stacking machines, automatic coil taping machines, automatic coil stretching machines, hydraulic press, CMT welding machines, GVPI plants for stator and rotor impregnation, cylindrical rotor coil making and winding machines, salient rotor assembly stations, rotor coil brazing units, and dynamic balancing machines that are capable of carrying out hot balancing even at overspeed.


With a growing emphasis on automation and robotics, TDPS ensures the highest productivity, accuracy, and operational efficiency in our manufacturing units. 

Our precision machine shop can handle large components with lengths of 8m, withs of 2.5m, heights of 3m, and weights of 35T. Additionally, our coordinate measuring machine from Zeiss, Germany, can measure components ranging from 3m on the x-axis, 6m on the y-axis, and 2m on the z-axis, weights up to 20T - with a least count of 0.1 microns and volumetric accuracy of 7 microns. 


Testing Facilities

Through our testing facilities we have established advanced quality control procedures. Prior to dispatch, every machine is tested with strict compliance to customer specifications and international standards. 


Our quality lab assesses the efficiency of incoming raw materials by conducting electrical and mechanical tests. Our electrical testing chamber conducts high voltage and partial discharge tests performed on stators to ensure longevity. Our final testing chambers comprise of both horizontal and vertical beds which are completely automated.


Our unwavering commitment to precision and excellence at every stage of production guarantees utmost quality in our final products. 


Research & Development

TDPS maintains an ongoing commitment to R&D aimed at responding to changing market conditions, internal design objectives and customer needs. We have made strategic investments in software & testing facilities. Our focus is on process innovation and process integration - adopting new technology to enhance performance, efficiency and quality while simultaneously reducing operating costs. Innovations from our R&D department have led to significant decreases in power usage, consequently reducing carbon emissions. 



In line with ISO 14001, our products are designed and manufactured in accordance with environmental sustainability and waste reduction. 

High electrical efficiency enables energy consumption to be reduced under any operating conditions. The generator's innovative design concept and carefully-sourced raw materials also enable component recycling. 

A systematic energy conservation approach is currently being executed across all manufacturing facilities - focusing on reducing power consumption and implementing design changes that eliminate the need for prolonged heating processes for certain components. 

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