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Geothermal Energy

Customized solutions to drive your geothermal power plant

TDPS is committed to clean energy generation. Geothermal energy is a renewable and sustainable source, tapping into the Earth's internal heat continuously generated through natural processes. Our gas turbine generators range up to 200 MW and are designed by our team of experts to operate under the stringent requirements of geothermal power plants.

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Generators designed for geothermal power plants are suitable for outdoor installations and can operate effectively under severe weather conditions.

Hazardous Classifications

  1. Zone/Division – Zone 2 / Division-2

  2. Gas group – IIC, IIB, IIA, GroupB, GroupC & GroupD

  3. Temperature Class – T4, T3, T2 & T1

  4. Protection concept – Ex e & Ex p

Shaft Extensions

Die Konstruktion von Wellenverlängerungen ist darauf zugeschnitten, optimale Leistung und Langlebigkeit unter anspruchsvollen Umgebungsbedingungen zu gewährleisten. Unsere Gasturbinengeneratoren werden entweder mit einem Antrieb auf einer Seite oder einem auf jeder Seite hergestellt.

Cooling Methods

The cooling methods for our gas turbine generators include IC81, IC616, IC611 & WP II.


Purging systems are provided to ensure protection against hazardous gases which are potential sources of ignition. This is recommended particularly when the surrounding hydrogen sulfide content is high.


To ensure reliability under harsh weather conditions, our generators designed for geothermal power plants are corrosion protected meeting the C5 High classification under the ISO 12944 standard.


Our machines carry ATEX, UL/CASA, and IECEX certifications, guaranteeing that our generators designed for geothermal powerplants can safely operate in explosive conditions worldwide.

Featured Projects

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