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Powering a highly efficient and reliable irrigation system

TDPS manufactures both induction & synchronous motors as well as submersible motors to power pumps, fans & crushers involved in irrigation.


Our machines prioritize automation & ease of maintenance to optimize efficiency and lower operating costs. Motors are designed as per customer specifications based on weather conditions and crop needs.

Stator core
Large salient pole rotor to be used for a synchronous motor 

Submersible Motors

200- 250 KW

Compact Design

Submersible motors are IP68 motors and typically operate in very confined spaces with a high L/D ratio.  The efficient design focuses on maintaining compact dimensions while meeting efficiency, thermodynamics, cooling, and IP requirements.


Our motors use a closed-circuit cooling system to prevent contact between the internal and external mediums. Cooling methods include pumped fluid flowing over the motor body or a water jacket frame design based on pump configuration.


Our team ensures maintenance-free bearings that are typically oil-cooled or grease-filled and sealed for the motor's life.

Top-Tier Construction

The motor's frame is engineered from special steel casting material or stainless steel to withstand continuous submersion, preventing corrosion of the stator body. The shaft is precision-machined stainless steel, tailored for higher L/D ratios with provisions for mechanical seals.


Specially designed mechanical seals and water-tight cable glands, capable of handling 4-bar water or fluid pressure, prevent the ingress of pumped fluid into the motor.


Motors designed for irrigation are customized for pump torque requirements and can start as Direct-On-Line (DOL) or with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD).

Induction & Synchronous Motors

400 - 40,000 KW

Machine Configuration

These motors are configured for either vertical or horizontal applications based on pump requirements & system configuration.


Our motors designed for irrigation are typically cooled using air-to-air or air-to-water methods with heat exchangers mounted based on specific requirements. Coolers are designed for easy dismantling and assembly, facilitating cleaning and logistical convenience.


For large vertical machines with significant thrust, TDPS manufactures thrust and radial bearings designed for easy maintenance. Smaller machines use anti-friction bearings for both vertical and horizontal applications, typically with grease lubrication.

Premium Engineering

Stator bodies are fabricated with weld-type construction, emphasizing effective cooling paths, torsional rigidity, and a flat foot or flange mount design. Shafts are specially forged and constructed with heat-treated carbon steel to meet torsional and fatigue requirements. Stator and rotor use electrolytic grade copper to ensure desired efficiencies.

Brakes & Overspeed

Vertical motors often feature flywheels for braking applications and are equipped with hydraulic or pneumatic brakes. Motors are designed to go beyond the rated speed, and some may include non-reversible ratchet arrangements to prevent pump rotation in reverse and sustain high torques.


Our motor starting configurations depend on valve conditions, either for minimal torque requirements with shut valves or high torque starting with open valves, employing DOL, VFC, or SFC starting based on motor type or application.


This 40 MW, 11 KV, 250 RPM, 26 pole motor is installed in the Telangana region, India. This motor was manufactured to replace an existing machine at the client's site. 


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