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Thermal Energy

TDPS provides tailored solutions for your needs

Our steam & gas turbine generators provide reliable & efficient means of meeting the energy needs of thermal power plants. We offer power generation solutions up to 200 MW that eliminate waste, reduce environmental impact & lower operating costs.

Roebel bars under production 
Test facility 


Our turbo generators are built to minimize downtime and withstand the rigid conditions of continuous power generation.

Fuel Versatility

To ensure a consistent power supply, our machines are compatible with various fuel sources, including coal, natural gas and nuclear fuel.


Our priority is optimize efficiency at reduced operating costs. Generators manufactured for thermal power plants are designed to maximize plant efficiency, reduce emissions and maximize performance.


Our team is committed to delivering specialized power generation solutions for thermal power plants based on individual requirements.

Grid Compatibility

Our turbo generators are synchronized with the electrical grid to ensure stable and synchronized power supply to the grid.

Safety Features

TDPS ensures strict compliance with international industry standards including IEC, NEMA, API & JIS.  Our machines undergo thorough tests to guarantee protection against operational risks and safety hazards. 

Heat Recovery

Our steam & gas turbine generators in thermal power plants are often engineered with heat recovery systems that enhance overall efficiency, reduces energy waste and support our dedicated efforts towards environmental sustainability.

BLA Power  

This 40MW, 11KV steam turbine generator is installed at a thermal power plant in Orissa, India.


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