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 Board Of Directors

Mohib Khericha / Chairman & Non-Executive Director

Mohib Khericha is one of the promoters of TDPS and has been serving as the Non-Executive Chairman of the company since July 5, 2001. His career, which spans over 40 years, is marked by his expertise as a Chartered Accountant with specializations in financial planning, restructuring, and loan procurement. In addition to his role at TDPS, he holds positions as an Independent Director on the boards of various public and private companies. His foray into merchant banking began in 1994, and he currently holds the position of Managing Director at Chartered Capital And Investment Limited, a public entity that provides investment banking services.

Nikhil Kumar / Managing Director

Nikhil Kumar is one of the promoters of TDPS and served as the Joint Managing Director from October 1, 2001, until September 30, 2012. Following that period, he took on the role of Managing Director, where he was responsible for overseeing operations, strategy, technology partnerships, as well as sales and marketing. Bringing over two decades of experience in manufacturing electrical rotating machines, he has an engineering degree from the Karnataka Regional Engineering College, Suratkal and also completed a General Management course at Harvard Business School in 1997. 

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S. Prabhamani / Non-Independent Director 

S. Prabhamani, a founding member of the company, joined the core leadership team of TDPS in 2001 as the Head of Engineering. She is an esteemed holder of a Master's degree in Engineering from IIT. During her tenure, she established a robust design foundation by building a skilled team of designers, developing solid design processes and systems, enhancing critical design analytics, and implementing advanced design software applications. With an impressive career spanning three decades, including over twenty years with the company, she held the position of Chief Operating Officer from November 1, 2018 to March 31, 2022.

Prathibha Sastry / Independent Director 

Prabhita Sastry has carved a pioneering path in the fields of entrepreneurship and entertainment for more than 16 years. Her dynamic career includes launching a film magazine, hosting a radio talk show, and co-founding a mobile app dedicated to the Indian entertainment industry. A British Council’s Young Creative Entrepreneur award winner in 2008-09, she has represented India internationally and has made significant contributions to literature on a variety of topics, particularly Indian cinema and female entrepreneurship.

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Rahul Matthan / Independent Director

Rahul Matthan is an alumnus of the National Law School and one of the founding partners of Trilegal, a leading law firm in India. In his career spanning over two decades, he has advised clients on a diverse range of matters such as cryptocurrency, telecommunications regulation, internet and social media law, technology mergers and acquisitions, and has also played a significant role in shaping data privacy and technology policy in India. He has served on the RBI Committee for Household Finance as well as the Kris Gopalakrishnan Committee on Non-Personal Data and is currently the Data Protection and Information (DPI) advisor to the Ministry of Finance.

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Alexander Olsson / Independent Director 

Alexander Olsson is a mechanical engineer with a master's degree in manufacturing processes from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. He offers invaluable experience and insights into the manufacturing process of generators for the oil & gas industry, among other applications. Throughout his career, he has assumed several executive and management leadership roles, including that of Managing Director at BRUSH Group - overseeing large-scale operations, led teams of more than 1,500 employees, and managed a complex portfolio of products and services in the oil & gas sector. Currently, he serves as the Executive Vice President of Archer Ltd, a global service provider that boasts a legacy spanning five decades in drilling and well services.

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