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Tapping into sustainable solutions

Hydro generators play a vital role in harnessing the energy of flowing water to generate clean and sustainable electricity, contributing to the world's renewable energy goals and reducing the reliance on fossil fuels for power generation. TDPS is committed to developing customized power generation solutions that protect our planet and its natural resources. Our hydro turbine generators meet IEC, NEMA & JIS standards.

Hydro generators ready for packing
Stator coils under production

Product Range

We manufacture generators from 1MW to 32M with a speed range of 187 RPM to 1,800 RPM. Our machines cater to a wide range of hydropower projects around the world.

Runaway Speed

Our machines are equipped to operate under challenging environmental conditions, such as high runaway speed. A failure in the turbine's control valves can result in the generator reaching up to three times its rated speed testing both its mechanical rigidity and optimal balance. TDPS ensures that our hydropower generators undergo rigorous tests to ensure maximum functionality.


The significant need for inertia in generators designed for hydropower is crucial for power system stability and grid operation. TDPS can deliver generators capable of meeting high inertia demands by incorporating flywheels on one or both sides of the generator.


Depending on the size of the generator, we use self-lubricated or force-lubricated bearings to support the machine's rotating shafts.

Control Systems

Our hydro turbine generators are equipped with advanced control and monitoring systems that regulate their operation and provide real-time data on performance, temperature, vibration, and other critical parameters.

Turbine Compatibility

Our hydropower machines are crafted to operate seamlessly with different water turbines, including Francis turbines, Pelton turbines and Kaplan turbines.

Environmental Impact

TDPS is unwavering in our efforts towards sustainability, and our hydropower machines are designed to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and incorporate measures to ensure a low impact on local ecosystems.

Maintenance Access

To facilitate maintenance and repairs, our hydropower generators are equipped with removable covers, inspection hatches and access points for maintenance personnel.

Featured Projects

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