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Train track in the mountains


Customized railway solutions that connect cities & power lives

Traction motors are electric motors used in the propulsion of vehicles in various railway applications. These motors provide the necessary torque to drive the wheels and propel the train forward. TDPS supplies traction motors to both passenger and freight locomotives, ensuring the effective & smooth operations of railway systems across the world.

Stator winding under progress
Wound stator

High Torque 

Our traction motors are designed to provide high torque at low speeds, which is essential for vehicle acceleration and overcoming initial inertia.

Variable Speed Operation

Our traction motors designed for propulsion can operate over a range of speeds, allowing for highly efficient performance. The ability of our machines to adapt to changing terrain, track conditions and energy demands contributes to improved overall efficiency and reduced environmental impact.


Traction motors can be engineered to operate across various voltage levels, providing versatility for their application in both electric and hybrid vehicles with different power systems.


Our traction motors are constructed with alloy copper in the rotor which improves conductivity, longevity and overall reliability of the machine - supporting high speed and torque conditions. The stators are impregnated with silicon resin for the harsh environmental conditions of dust, water & snow.


TDPS proudly contributes to the advancement and reliability of railway transportation across India - supplying stators and rotors to a large corporation which subsequently completes the assembly of these motors to Indian Railways.


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