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Oil Refinery

Oil & Gas

Optimized energy generation solutions for the oil & gas industry

Our steam & gas turbine generators range up to 200MW and are constructed with a focus on high efficiency and reliability. Generators manufactured for the oil & gas industry require designs that are able to withstand severe environmental conditions associated with oil and gas exploration, extraction and processing. Our team of experts ensure that your product will be highly customized and suited to your specific power requirements and operational conditions. 

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Our machines are designed for outdoor installations and are constructed to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh weather.

Hazardous Classifications

  1. Zone/Division – Zone 2 / Division-2

  2. Gas group – IIC, IIB, IIA, GroupB, GroupC & GroupD

  3. Temperature Class – T4, T3, T2 & T1

  4. Protection concept – Ex e & Ex p

Shaft Extensions

To facilitate specific operational requirements for the oil & gas industry, our steam & gas turbine generators can be manufactured with a shaft extension. The design of shaft extensions is tailored to ensure reliability, durability, and safety in challenging conditions.

Cooling Systems

The cooling systems for our steam & gas turbine generators include IC81, IC616, IC611 & WPII.


Our steam & gas turbine generators can be designed with purging systems to remove potentially harmful contaminants from the equipment and pipelines, ensuring safe and efficient operations. 


Generators that power the oil & gas industry are designed with anti-corrosion measures to guarantee protection under harsh weather conditions and aggressive industrial atmospheres. Our coating system meets the C5 High classification under the ISO 12944 standard.


Our generators are ATEX, UL/CASA and IECEX certified, ensuring that explosion-proof standards of safety are met around the world.​

Mobile Power Units

The 5.25 MVA generators form the core of Mobile Power Units. These units are specifically utilized for fracking purposes, serving as a crucial energy source in various locations across the Unites States. 

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