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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs are designed with a multifaceted approach to foster inclusiveness, promote sustainability and support our communities. 


School Readiness Program

The disparity in access to high-quality education for children from low-income families is growing every year. To address this, TDPS partnered with the Key Education Foundation, resulting in a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the government. This collaboration aimed to enhance infrastructure and education access in 20 schools in Rural Bengaluru's Anekal block, benefiting 570 children, 580 parents, and 40 educators and assistants. Significant improvements were observed across cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development metrics for the children involved.

Female Educational Empowerment

The Arunthathiyars, a community engaged in scavenging in Tamil Nadu, face severe socio-economic challenges. Women in this community are often employed in low-paying jobs as scavengers in industries and hospitals or as domestic workers in homes and hotels. TDPS initiated a program aimed of 100 Arunthathiyar young female children in Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu - focusing on their educational development by establishing well-equipped tuition centers and providing essential schooling resources like uniforms, bags, and stationery.

School Infrastructure & Welfare Project

TDPS targeted three government schools near our Bangalore manufacturing facility for infrastructure enhancements. These schools, located in Bharatipura, Pemmanahalli, and Yedehalli villages, serve approximately 130 students in total. Our financial support involved the purchase of essential resources such as computres, lab equipment and kitchen utensils, as well as facilitating maintenance services for the school buildings. 

Backyard Forestry Project

TDPS contributed to the Backyard Forestry program, a biodiversity and conservation workshop designed for school children and organised by the Yuva Chintana Foundation. The initiative included a nature camp for children from KPSU, scheduled around the Dussehra festival. The main goal was to nurture and leverage the children's inherent appreciation for nature, encouraging them to become enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their natural surroundings.


Trauma Care Center

TDPS made a notable contribution to healthcare by donating critical medical equipment to the Trauma Care Centre at the renowned Victoria Hospital in Bangalore. The donation included an anaesthesia workstation with a vaporizer for the operation theatre, a patient lifting trolley, and an operation theatre light. Serving as a vital healthcare facility for the city, Victoria Hospital sees up to 1500 patients in its Outpatient Department (OPD) every day. This significant contribution from TDPS is expected to substantially improve healthcare outcomes for patients throughout the city.

Holistic Healthcare Initiative

TDPS was a proud supporter of Yoga Day 2022, donating 2000 yoga mats for an event dedicated to school children. This event, organized in collaboration with the District Administration and District Ayush Office of Bangalore Rural, emphasized the significance of health and fitness through yoga. In addition to promoting wellness among the youth, we extended our support to the healthcare sector by providing desktop computers and printers to the Government Hospital in Nelamangala. This contribution aims to enhance the hospital's operational efficiency, ultimately benefiting the community it serves. Through these actions, we aspire to contribute to India's journey towards becoming a healthier nation.


Sports Excellence Trust (SET)

TDPS contributed to the SET to foster the growth of sports culture within India. This contribution empowers SET to develop infrastructure and engage in agreements for the enhancement of sports facilities in both urban and backward areas. Additionally, it facilitates collaboration with landowners, government bodies for advocacy and policy development in sports, and international sports academies and trusts for program exchanges and collaborations. 

View our FY 2023-24 CSR report here

CSR Policy
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